• Diagnostics

    Beaver Garages specialises in vehicle diagnostics for most makes and models including Swedish, Korean, German, Japanese as well as most other European manufacturers. We offer a full and comprehensive up-to-date diagnostic technology and information system enablig us to connect to most makes and models.

    Diagnostic procedures are a form of repair relating to any of the on board computers on your vehicle such as ABS, Traction Control, Engine Management, Airbag and SRS Systems, Alarm Immobilisers, Key Coding and even Battery Charging Control. We can diagnose faults and codes for engine management and EPC faults. Since 2012 these warning lights have become a testable item on a MOT and will have to work correctly to pass.

    More often than not the cause of the problem with these systems is either wiring or a sensor fault and it’s not as easy as just resetting the warning light. If the cause is not fixed then the light will come back as soon as that system is used again.

    We at Beaver Garages strive to do more than just turn out the light. We have the technology and experience to be able to carry out a full diagnosis. Call or email us to arrange a suitable time to check your car. We offer a free courtesy car if available and also a collection and drop-off service. Here at Beaver Garages we offer a professional and courteous service with a name that you can trust.

    Diagnostics Enquiry