If you receive the higher rate Motability component of the disability living allowance, getting a new car is easier and more affordable than ever.

Through Motability, you simply turn your Motability allowance into the car of your choice. The most popular option is the worry-free 'contract hire' scheme, which includes:

◾A new car every three years

◾Free tyres


◾Road tax

◾Servicing, maintenance and repairs

◾Breakdown cover

◾Window and windscreen replacement

Our worry free policy continues right to the end of your three year contract with seamless transfer to your new car. What’s more, you can choose from any range of car - no wonder 95% of our customers would be happy to recommend us.

◾Choose one ore more models that best meets your needs

◾Ask us to let you test drive the model of your choice. we have a Motability designed suitability questionnaire to help review your needs and identify suitable products.

◾Remember to ask our Motability specialist any questions that you may have.

Once you have decided on a particular car, you will need to fill in an application form. Our Motability specialist will complete this for you using an on-line form.You will need to provide us with:

◾Your award entitlement notice

◾Your driving licence (for cars only)

◾Proof of address e.g. recent utility bill

◾Driving licence for other names drivers - who must also sign the proposed drivers declaration on the application form ( for cars on the contract hire scheme only)

◾Details of any previous accidents and driving conviction you, or your names drivers, may have (for cars on the contract hire scheme only)

When the paperwork is complete you will need to sign the declaration on the application form. Our Motability specialist will then forward your application and other necessary paperwork to Motability for processing. If you have any queries our Motability specialist is always happy to help on 01643 706868


Motability Enquiry